How to advertise my house for sale by owner

Its our main goal!

How to advertise my house for sale by owner

Advertise my house for sale, myself!

At Cupid Casa, that is our main objective and goal. To advertise your house for sale by owner and let the buyers come to you! Using our website, we remove all the upfront contracts, yard signs, commitments and stress out of the equation. There are so many homeowners that would like to first see if they can sell their home at a price they want without all the hassle of an official listing.
That's our entire business model and we do have buyers!

Advertise your home yourself

What if you could advertise your home for your price? What if interested buyers can see your *off-market home? What if you can do this without the hassle of contracts, yard signs, paperwork and all that stress that comes with listing a home? Well, you can!
We provide a simple solution for any homeowner to advertise their home and test the market without any worry or obligation, so advertise your house for sale by owner with Cupid Casa.

To advertise and self-list is FREE with our basic plan so you have nothing to lose but a few minutes to create a free account and set up your home listing. We even helped with the simple steps; Easy Steps To Self-Advertise Your Home on Cupid Casa and, How To Present and List Your Home Yourself. You will see how easy it is and simple tips on how to do it. We like to make things easier for you and our simple steps tell you how.

Attract Traffic to Your Property

Advertise your home for sale by owner on Cupid Casa and keep it simple and easy. You do not need to go through great lengths to advertise your home for sale by owner. Use our Make Me Move! Buy My Home Price, keep it simple when self-listing and we will do the rest! We will get interested buyers to connect with you.

*Off-market homes / un-listed homes: all homes listed on Cupid Casa are not in any MLS or actually listed for sale. Any listing on our website is considered un-listed or off-market homes. Homes on Cupid Casa are not seen anywhere else or on any other official home listing site that uses MLS services. Our site is designed to provide a way to test the market without an official listing. There are buyers out there and you can be a seller for the right price.

Get your home ready to advertise it yourself

Set up your free account, choose one of our easy self listing plans, snap a few nice, clean and bright photos. Create your simple write up, set your "Buy Me Price", set it to "Active" and...thats it!

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