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Make Me Move! Buy My Home Price

How to test the market without making any decisions. Make Me Move Offer.

Often times homeowners want to see what price they can get for there for home without "officially" listing their home on the market or signing any contracts. Wish you could know what price you can get for your home first? Not ready to officially list it? Not ready for all the upfront paperwork? If you answered yes to any of those questions then please read on.

Present Your Home, Self-List It
At Cupid Casa we offer you the opportunity to relax and not worry about any of those questions that might keep you up at night. On our website you can present your home for a Buy My Home Price and let buyers connect with you, a Make Me Move Alternative. Presenting or listing your home on Cupid Casa is easy so relax, it's UNLISTED (Off-Market Homes). In a previous article called How To Present And List Your Home we list out all the simple steps to presenting your home for a price that you would consider selling...Make Me Move Offer for a Buy My Home Price.

Unlisted, "Buy Me Price"
Homes on Cupid Casa are considered Unlisted homes and similar to a make me move offer concept. Why is it Unlisted? We are not listing in the MLS, you do not need any paperwork or contracts upfront to sign, no yard sign and certainly no worries! Potential buyers see your home at the price YOU Set. Our website offers a simple effective solution for any homeowner to present their home for a price to consider and... Make Me Move! It's what we call the "Buy Me Price". Homes on Cupid Casa are considered Unlisted Homes, Off-Market and will not be seen in the MLS or on ANY other home selling websites. Buyers are always looking for off-market homes and we have buyers waiting for homes ready to connect with you!

Test The Market Hassle Free!
Any homeowner can use Cupid Casa to test the market even if you are not selling today. The current state of the real estate market can be a challenge and hectic. Trust us, we know! That is why Cupid Casa is a perfect solution for any homeowner. With our website we give you a solution to present your home, at your price, receive interest from buyers and then decide on moving forward if you choose to. NO timelines or contracts or commitments. It's all up to you! Wouldn't you love to know if you can sell your home for your price?

So I am self listing my home?
Yes, you are self-listing your home and it will be just like a for sale by owner listing, but the great news is, this is a Make Me Move Offer. Why? The differences are, we/you are only presenting it for a price (Buy Me Price) that you would consider selling it for. We put you in control and remove all the hassle, stress, paperwork and fear of where to go! You are in control of the details and self presenting your home to make connections with potential buyers. (we do not list your home in any MLS)

I want to sell my home fast!
If you want to sell your home fast then we might not be for you. We offer any homeowner who just wants to test the market on their time, their terms and price. Homes on Cupid Casa are considered Unlisted Homes (Off-Market Homes) and will not be seen in the MLS or on other MLS home selling websites. Feel free to try us as we have buyers waiting!

Get your home ready to sell it yourself

Cupid Casa makes it easy so keep it simple, snap a few nice, clean and bright photos. Create your simple write up, set your "Buy Me Price"... thats it!

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