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No Commitments, No Contracts, No Timelines. Relax more, Stress less! Perfect for ANY homwowner to test the market and let the buyers connect with you! The unlisted way to sell.

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FREE TO LIST YOUR HOME WITH OUR BASIC PLAN! - A stress free way to get your home seen without all the hassle! You set the price and potential buyers connect with you via Cupid Casa. NO FOR SALE SIGN, NO STRESS! PERFECT FOR ANY HOMEOWNER...A NEW Way To Potentially Sell Your Home for a Price You Feel Would Make You Move. Take control of your home selling on Your Time and Your Schedule! Once you receive interest in your home you can choose to move forward when you are ready. NO Commitments, NO Contracts, No Stress. A simple way to determine if you want to sell your home without all the upfront work. There is no obligation to sell your home, just an easy way to test the market.

HOME HUNTER - Home hunters can find houses presented on Cupid Casa that are not yet for sale (considered unlisted homes), but for "the right" price they could be! Search for houses that aren't yet listed anywhere else and reach out to connect with the owner. HOMEWONER - Present your home for a "Buy Me Price" that might make you consider selling/moving. CONNECT - Found a house here you love? Reach out and connect! Cupid Casa helps connect ANY homeowner who might consider selling at the right price and potential home hunters who are hoping to purchase.

There are buyers looking for houses but sellers are less inclined to list homes for sale for many reasons such as contracts to sign, yard signs, showings, no where to go and many more reasons. At Cupid Casa you can relax, you don't have to worry or deal with that. You can self list and advertise it for a price you would consider selling it for, its our "Buy Me Price". Buyers connect with you through our website. You can move forward to sell or not. No commitments, no contracts no pressure. Simple easy way to test the market without the hassle. We have buyers waiting so present your home FREE for your price. A Make Me Move Alternative and self-listing is simple!

Not with Cupid Casa. The only fee from Cupid Casa is the plan of your choice to present your home on our website.

LIST FOR FREE TODAY WITH THE OUR BASIC PLAN! (no obligation, no credit card) To list your home for presentation for a "Buy My Home Price" choose from one of our home presentation plans. Our plans are yearly so you pay only 1x per household to present your home for a "Buy My Home Price". Once you set up your account you can choose the plan that best fits your needs and desires. Present it stress free and do it on your time and schedule! Note: Standard and Premium Plans - there are no refunds offered so once your payment is accepted your plan begins until you sell it, de-activate it or pause it. If you sell your home anywhere or for a Buy Me Price the same is true - Congratulations, there are no refunds and everyone is happy. Please make sure you de-activate your listing though to avoid more inquiries

Yes! HOMEOWNERS - You can create a free account anytime! LIST your home for FREE with our Basic Plan! Having an account on Cupid Casa is FREE however to create a home presentation to go live on our site you will need to have one of our presentation plans. We offer 3 Plans (1)Basic (Free listing plan), (2)*Standard or (3)*Premium (* is a paid plan, 1x charge, good for 1 home/address). HOME HUNTERS - accounts are always free!

Yes, you can edit your home in your My Account, home sellers section. You can change and edit any of the details, price, images at anytime. We highly recommend that you set up your home presentation with a great write up, even better pictures and present all the details accurately. You are responsible for what you present. In our Premium Package we even offer a video option so you can show off your beautiful home with a short video tour and or walk through.

Yes, you can set your presentation plan in-active in your My Account, Home sellers dashboard section. If you change your mind and would rather not have it presented any more you can set it to in-active. If you want to pause it for a bit, go on vacation, take a few weeks off etc. Set it to in-active! Its that simple, you are in control of your Active and Inactive status. (NOTE: A paid presentation plan is good for 1 year from payment date. We offer no refunds once payment is made)

Using Cupid Casa, home buyers send you a direct communication that they are interested in your home. You will receive an email via Cupid Casa with contact details. You will need to communicate with the buyer to arrange for next steps such as discussions, showings and any other needs to move forward if you desire! Remember, its on your time and schedule!

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