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There are buyers looking for houses but sellers are less inclined to list homes for sale for many reasons such as contracts to sign, yard signs, showings, no where to go and many more. At Cupid Casa you can relax, you don't have to worry or deal with that. You can self list and advertise it for a price you would consider selling it for "Buy Me Price". Buyers connect with you through our website. You can move forward to sell or not. No commitments, no contracts no pressure. Simple easy way to test the market without the hassle. We have buyers waiting so present your home FREE for your price. A Make Me Move Alternative and self-listing is simple!

PERFECT For ANY Homeowner!
Don't want the hassle of listing but want to test the market?
Thought about selling your home but not quite ready to list it? Or Maybe you just want to know what you can get for your home before you make any decisions?

Cupid Casa makes it easy! *FREE to list with our BASIC PLAN to present your home. ANY Homeowner that wants to test the market and present their home at a price that would make them consider selling, this is for you! A Make Me Move Alternative
Interested buyers contact you and you take it from there. You decide if itโ€™s the right move. See what you can get for your home without worrying about contracts, showings or all the pressure for FREE!

Advertise your home yourself, and then you decide!

What if you could advertise your home for your price? What if interested buyers can see your *off-market home? What if you can do this without the hassle of contracts, yard signs, paperwork and all that stress that comes with listing a home? Well, you can!
We provide a simple solution for any homeowner to present their home and test the market without any worry or obligation, so advertise your house for sale by owner with Cupid Casa, a Make Me Move Alternative!

Step 1: Home Owners

Home owners thinking about selling for the right price? Present your home with Cupid Casa. Get started today for FREE*!

Step 2: Home Hunters

Home hunters find houses presented with Cupid Casa that are not yet for sale, but for "the right" price they could be!

Step 3: Connect

Cupid Casa is here to be a matchmaker for potential sellers with potential buyers. Found a house here you love? Reach out and connect!

Why Present Your Home on Cupid Casa?

LIST FOR FREE TODAY with our BASIC PLAN! A SIMPLE, EASY way to present your home to potential interested buyers.  Home hunters contact you on Cupid Casa. Simply put, we help match potential sellers and buyers together!

Cupid Casa HELPS ANY homeowner who might want to sell or just test the market without the stress of upfront commitments and contracts. No Commitments, No Contracts, No Timelines, No Yard Signs, No Commissions* Relax, no stress, test the market and let the buyers connect with you! The unlisted way to sell.

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How does Cupid Casa Work?

Home Hunters - Home hunters can find houses presented on Cupid Casa that are not yet for sale (considered unlisted homes), but for "the right" price they could be! Search for houses that aren't yet listed anywhere else and reach out to connect with the owner.

Homeowners: Present your home for a "Buy Me Price" that might make you consider selling.

Connect - Found a house here you love? Reach out and connect! Cupid Casa acts as a matchmaker for ANY homeowner who might consider selling at the right price and potential home hunters who are hoping to purchase.

Searching for a Home? Make the Connection on Cupid Casa

Home Searchers - Find the home of your dreams, connect with the home owner on Cupid Casa and press the "I am Interested Button" to make contact. There are many great features to search by to find a home... from zip code, home type, price range, bedrooms, and even a pool!

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Cupid (desire, love) Casa (house or home)

NOTE: Homes on Cupid Casa are NOT listed in MLS and unlisted homes. There is no guarantee or obligation of the homeowner to sell. There is no binding contract made on this website. We are simply providing a connection service to homeowners who MIGHT be willing to sell at their price. So go ahead and find a home you LOVE and connect with the homeowner today!

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Cupid Casa is not a licensed real estate brokerage or real estate company. We always recommend using a real estate agent when you agree to sell your home to guide you through the transaction.
Coming soon, We also can match make you with the perfect real estate agent in your area.

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